3 Pill Morning

They make mainstream punk pop except for their lyrics. The lyrics impressed me because they are too daring for mainstream.

They have a very cool gender movement video and thought cloud make up on „The Queen“. Every now and then, they are worth a listen but I did not sift through their whole work due to my time left till sleep so  I´m a bad advisor.

At least: Check them out. Their band name also says a lot!

Ash.OK: „The Unraveled“

You really DO know how to make gloomy videos. I guess your song is about suicide, but your voice disappeared in the accompaniment. Still, this is no negative criticism, because you might be a soulmate of mine. How many are you? Which instruments? I riddle while rethinking your video. And how come so professional and so few followers? Either you´re new or Twitter is not your main medium… Love, Tetzentheil

Alex Arbour

He presents „Another Song about You“ like a sad duet. The words are sad, clear to understand and go into the marrow of your bones.

He underlines his message with rock, but the most pleasant way I could imagine to such an occasion.

Onward Alex! I´ll dig deeper into your musical treasure box, which it surely is gonna be


Emgy is full of surprise. His high speed hip hop convinced me. It´s ingenious.

But also his emotional Latin productions were great. I understood no word, but caught the whole spirit of the song and drifted away into dreaming.

There is some real guitar art behind his work. He knows how to play a guitar clean without muting every single tone.

I did not understand f he´s the author, the coverer or just the mixer. But there´s definitedly wideness and phatnezz to his mixes.

Highly recommended.

Good morning

I wish you all the same good morning that I´m having. Sleeping until rising by own choice. Now composing, after that talking to my 78 yr old Mom on the phone.

Some laugh about 39 yr olds who still cling to their Mom. Myself, however, I moved away from my Mom when I was 18 and since then never returned. Currently, I live 800 km in the North from her. The reason for our recently tight bond is a different one: I got aware my Mom might die any day in that age, and the fear of loss tortures me and makes me call her every evening in order to talk an hour. The second reason is: she´s got no good, intimate friends while I do. So I take the hour listening to her little and bigger worries and problems, replacing her best friend. I do this not even out of Christendom, it´s just a reflex.

But as far as Christendom is concerned, my mother and I equally love Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Don´t wonder about songs like „Jesus Lies Rancid on the Ground“. I would never call Jesus „rancid“, but instead wanted to point out that he was like a beggar in his lifestyle and had contact to prostitutes and customs officers. My message was „Watch out: you never know the shape in which Jesus encounters you. He might come as a rancid beggar for instance“

Liz Hardy, Cat Mama

Liz is a great type of animal lover. Even way better than my ex-girlfriend, where 2 cats dwelled, but she aggravated them instead of leaving them alone. And, despite all her love, she was too lazy to do the cat toilet.

Thank God, Liz is different. She has a full house of cats, sees cats as natural therapists and even gifted comedians. And she quotes that the tip of a cat´s tail is like the tongue of a cat, speaking an universal language.

March on, Liz. I love what you´re doing and I just can´t financially afford everything a cat needs. Otherwise, I would long since have had one…

Meine Band

Sie besteht aus zwei Ärzten, die deswegen Künstlernamen haben, und einem, mämlich mir, der auch einen Künstlernamen hat. GB steht für George Benzin und FM für Ferdinand Maria. Und mich, Tetzentheil, müßtet Ihr ja aus eigener leidvoller Erfahrung kennen.

FM ist der Snob unter uns, hat eine Vorliebe für (60 Eur/Flasche) Islay Single Malt Whiskey und natürlich Crémant, und GB ist eher ein geiziges, spottlustiges Individuum. Ich bin ein gemütlicher Bayer und brauche Bier, denn: Gemütlichkeit ist die Relation aus Zeit, Bier und Geld (Polt). Deswegen geht mir GB am meisten auf den Sack, aber da wir alle (fast) Ärzte sind, gilt der Grundsatz: Pack schlägt sich, Pack verträgt sich 😉

Ich kenne die beiden seit der Studienzeit, und durch eine von Christi Wundertaten haben wir uns jetzt gefunden und „NA UNT?“ getauft. Dieser Schlager war außer dem Hallelujah-Cover (Cohen) unser Debüt. Allerdings sind wir keine Volksmusikanten, sondern persiflieren eher die Schlagerwelt. Ich mußte GB schon mit 100 ml Korn verarzten, damit er überhaupt, ohne zu lachen, weitersingen konnte. Aber seine Frau ist eine liebe Christin und hat auch Humor 🙂

Trixi the Rabbit

Trixi is an outstanding person. She speaks at least 4 languages and is an expert not only for inner-German cultural differences and dialects, but also for culture shocks a person between France, Germany, USA and South America may suffer from. I now have a doctor´s appointment, but this is a regularly updated blog, so check it from time to time. It may be tonight already  I expand this blog. Check on YT: „Don´t trust the Rabbit“

Now, I´m back from the doctor´s and would like to add a detail: Why does she call herself „the rabbit“? Browse her videos until you found out! It is worth the effort!

I need more discipline when blogging about a person, I need to be analytical, but it all melts down when I see Trixi´s face. A message to Eric: You don´t need to be jealous, Trixi is like an untouchable Angel of the Lord to me, so don´t be afraid. And whenever we meet in Hamburg Sternschanze with you and your 2 yr old child, I will pay full respect to you. I want Trixi, even in love, to be happy. I want her to make good videos after all 😉