Ich bin Musiker und komponiere, dann mache ich daraus Filme.

Meine Komposition beginnt mit dem Programm Audacity, geht weiter mit Verfassen meist ca. 1 Moleskine-Seite voll Lyrics und gleichzeitigem Einspielen meiner Eingebungen in Audacity.

Dann kommt sehr viel Feilen, also Abmischen, Synchronisieren und Effekte, und nach 3-4 Stunden bin ich so weit, stolz vor meinem Werk zu stehen, es ein letztes Mal anzuhören und dann auf mp3 herunterzurechnen.

Das Filmen liebe ich überhaupt nicht, aber ist halt Grundvoraussetzung für You Tube sowie professionelle Arbeit.

Shay-D Kid

Shay-D Kid makes aggressive, self-confident rap. I was overwhelmed with his battling, having probably beef and the monetarian and sexual content.

He is for the guys who like hard stuff and see their dreams expressed in exactly that words out of a world famous mouth.

I wanted to do you the favor, fam. Here it is.

Cheers, Mister Tetzentheil

Sowly crawling upstairs into the light

I´m realistic, still I follow my mantra „Think big“. The chance my band will ever tour Germany is 1:1000, the chance my band will ever tour the world is 1:100.000. 

What is the thing we stand out with? I spontaneously only know two things: a passionate bass voice and an almost unlimited creativity. Is that enough?

Every morning I rise with fresh energy and an optimistic feeling. And every workday off (due to my neighbor) I compose at home. I compose in English.

English for two reasons: First, it has got shorter words than German and more possible rhymes. Second, I have a less hard time sharing intimate feelings with my audience when to me they´re kind of „coded“.

Our band consists of three guys of which two are physicians suffocating in work, but being highly proficient on their instrument. Then me, the one who is a full time composer and recorder/mixer who does all the diligence work for the band. Having enough time.

I wish that you, dear readers, also think big for our combination = band. Practically, it is the American Dream on a musical level.

I appreciate every single one who subscribes to my Youtube channel Mister Tetzentheil or supports me on Sound Cloud as mister_tetzentheil because this means deep respect for one who still ventures making music a living, with the realist chance of 1:1000. Respect for a madman, actually 😉

Thank you for reading this all. It makes you awesome. No, you were already awesome before you read this. Otherwise you wouldn´t have made it up to here.

Love, Mister Tetzentheil & Band


Paul Race

Paul Race is the new Frank Turner in my eyes. His lyrics are so intelligent, and his melodies just fit together in a wondrous way.

What I wonder about is the few likes and followers he has on Soundcloud. Is this because of setting up a new account lately?

I think he is the master of guitar, vocals, banjo and harp, and in my eyes he is Frank Turner Nashville Brand 😉

Yours, Mister Tetzentheil

Phooly (Rapper)

Look Phooly, I don´t know some crucial Hip Hop terms. This might lead to me swayingly portraying you. In terms of language.

You´re a 20 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, and have a shitload of followers already. But there might be a reason for it.

I´ve tried to count your number of continuous rhymes. It should be around 20. Additionally, you´ve got your very own and consequently followed metrum (flow?) which makes you like a Godfather of Words. Of course, you got different metra, but one in your SC song impressed me permanently.

Course, you also use cusswords. But as long as you stay ok with the Lord, I see no problem in it.

See, I´m a punk rocker and still try to be ok with the Lord. Our Lord loves us all, but He might feel proud when He watches such young talents as you He created, watching them in action.

Stay blessed and onward! Yours, Mister Tetzentheil from Hamburg, Germany

The Gift of Gab: „Gentrification Song“

Gift of Gab, you ROCK! First I have to say, you make the most understandable rap for a German like me I´ve ever heard. And what you express, are my own thoughts and feelings.

I´m more than broke, so I can´t become a patron of yours, but I can shout out to you and use my followers as YOUR audience. The modern word I heard is called „retweeting“ 😉 😉 

I like your face, and I like your music. In all respect, your Mister Tetzentheil

Alyssa Kayhill: „Gravity“, „Valerie“

Alyssa, the first thing I noticed was your pink capo. Then I heard the word „Gravity“ which sounded as processed through a chorus effect. Then I saw your fancy condenser mic.

Next, I noticed the pathos in your voice, as if you wanted to resuscitate some ghost. Then, I watched your fretboard and saw quite simple chords. But you had begun to interest me.

I overlooked your Twitter profile and saw you´re a songwriting nurse. Respect! Of course, I also listened to your pinned tweet and gave it a heart. Not without reason. You left me back wondering how a song written by you might sound. 

I promise I´ll check out more of you, and I saw you post little and have quite few followers, less than you deserve. But I´m fine with the number of your likes. Now, you´re in my heart and in my brain.

Love, Mister Tetzentheil (a colleague)

Chilote OMA

You have a good video program and also are proficient on it.

You have a „technoid'“ beat running in the background, but this is no problem for you rapping.

Your lyrics are about not only living for others, as I understood. Good rap.

All in all, a good job. Onward!

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band

You guys all have a lot of practice. And you´re right: there´s a Rock n Roll and a Country component.

You have the gift of writing songs that, when sung, sound fluent.

Ingenious solo that I´m currently listening to. You deserve to become known all over the world. I´d love to hear you in Hamburg, Germany.

Say, is it true, that after a gig in a Honky Tonk you never spend the night alone (except you´re married)?

High Respect to you! Proficient in clean songs also and a beautiful voice

As Schwilly would say: Onward!

Nox (Punk)

Nox and her band has a cool little rehearsal room and she makes awesome music videos in there.

The drummer is tight and proficient, and he ends every number with a sweet little bow or a raise of his/her stick.

There is a bass, a keyboard (with a not less proficient player (sweet arpeggios)) and a fancy tablet on which Nox has a computer program that works like a synthesizer.

But most important: Nox´lyrics: Nox, you´re not making a fool out of yourself with these. They sound typically punk. The word „person“ stems from the Latin word „to sound through“. And you´re a REAL person. Stay as you are and let never ever someone bend you!

Love, Mister Tetzentheil