Sowly crawling upstairs into the light

I´m realistic, still I follow my mantra „Think big“. The chance my band will ever tour Germany is 1:1000, the chance my band will ever tour the world is 1:100.000. 

What is the thing we stand out with? I spontaneously only know two things: a passionate bass voice and an almost unlimited creativity. Is that enough?

Every morning I rise with fresh energy and an optimistic feeling. And every workday off (due to my neighbor) I compose at home. I compose in English.

English for two reasons: First, it has got shorter words than German and more possible rhymes. Second, I have a less hard time sharing intimate feelings with my audience when to me they´re kind of „coded“.

Our band consists of three guys of which two are physicians suffocating in work, but being highly proficient on their instrument. Then me, the one who is a full time composer and recorder/mixer who does all the diligence work for the band. Having enough time.

I wish that you, dear readers, also think big for our combination = band. Practically, it is the American Dream on a musical level.

I appreciate every single one who subscribes to my Youtube channel Mister Tetzentheil or supports me on Sound Cloud as mister_tetzentheil because this means deep respect for one who still ventures making music a living, with the realist chance of 1:1000. Respect for a madman, actually 😉

Thank you for reading this all. It makes you awesome. No, you were already awesome before you read this. Otherwise you wouldn´t have made it up to here.

Love, Mister Tetzentheil & Band


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