Phooly (Rapper)

Look Phooly, I don´t know some crucial Hip Hop terms. This might lead to me swayingly portraying you. In terms of language.

You´re a 20 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, and have a shitload of followers already. But there might be a reason for it.

I´ve tried to count your number of continuous rhymes. It should be around 20. Additionally, you´ve got your very own and consequently followed metrum (flow?) which makes you like a Godfather of Words. Of course, you got different metra, but one in your SC song impressed me permanently.

Course, you also use cusswords. But as long as you stay ok with the Lord, I see no problem in it.

See, I´m a punk rocker and still try to be ok with the Lord. Our Lord loves us all, but He might feel proud when He watches such young talents as you He created, watching them in action.

Stay blessed and onward! Yours, Mister Tetzentheil from Hamburg, Germany

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