Alyssa Kayhill: „Gravity“, „Valerie“

Alyssa, the first thing I noticed was your pink capo. Then I heard the word „Gravity“ which sounded as processed through a chorus effect. Then I saw your fancy condenser mic.

Next, I noticed the pathos in your voice, as if you wanted to resuscitate some ghost. Then, I watched your fretboard and saw quite simple chords. But you had begun to interest me.

I overlooked your Twitter profile and saw you´re a songwriting nurse. Respect! Of course, I also listened to your pinned tweet and gave it a heart. Not without reason. You left me back wondering how a song written by you might sound. 

I promise I´ll check out more of you, and I saw you post little and have quite few followers, less than you deserve. But I´m fine with the number of your likes. Now, you´re in my heart and in my brain.

Love, Mister Tetzentheil (a colleague)

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