Good morning

I wish you all the same good morning that I´m having. Sleeping until rising by own choice. Now composing, after that talking to my 78 yr old Mom on the phone.

Some laugh about 39 yr olds who still cling to their Mom. Myself, however, I moved away from my Mom when I was 18 and since then never returned. Currently, I live 800 km in the North from her. The reason for our recently tight bond is a different one: I got aware my Mom might die any day in that age, and the fear of loss tortures me and makes me call her every evening in order to talk an hour. The second reason is: she´s got no good, intimate friends while I do. So I take the hour listening to her little and bigger worries and problems, replacing her best friend. I do this not even out of Christendom, it´s just a reflex.

But as far as Christendom is concerned, my mother and I equally love Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Don´t wonder about songs like „Jesus Lies Rancid on the Ground“. I would never call Jesus „rancid“, but instead wanted to point out that he was like a beggar in his lifestyle and had contact to prostitutes and customs officers. My message was „Watch out: you never know the shape in which Jesus encounters you. He might come as a rancid beggar for instance“

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