Trixi the Rabbit

Trixi is an outstanding person. She speaks at least 4 languages and is an expert not only for inner-German cultural differences and dialects, but also for culture shocks a person between France, Germany, USA and South America may suffer from. I now have a doctor´s appointment, but this is a regularly updated blog, so check it from time to time. It may be tonight already  I expand this blog. Check on YT: „Don´t trust the Rabbit“

Now, I´m back from the doctor´s and would like to add a detail: Why does she call herself „the rabbit“? Browse her videos until you found out! It is worth the effort!

I need more discipline when blogging about a person, I need to be analytical, but it all melts down when I see Trixi´s face. A message to Eric: You don´t need to be jealous, Trixi is like an untouchable Angel of the Lord to me, so don´t be afraid. And whenever we meet in Hamburg Sternschanze with you and your 2 yr old child, I will pay full respect to you. I want Trixi, even in love, to be happy. I want her to make good videos after all 😉

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