Happy about Mailchimp

It takes so little technical gadgets to make a dude happy. I installed Mailchimp (as you also can see on this site) and rejoiced with every single person that would subscribe (although it was by now only my inner circle). But for subscribing out of sympathy and friendship, I rewarded them with an 8 hour work: my new song. This song is a reflection on myself and my behavior. It has a broad arrangement (solo guitar, distorted electric guitar, acoustic guitar via condenser microphone, keyboard (piano modus, violin modus, folklore drums). I only made the arrangement so broad and thus invested so much time because I wanted to get a sensible stereo mastering that Cory Wilkins (shout out to him!) taught me. Now I on purpose didn´t run to Twitter and FB or YT with this song, instead toggled „private“. Only my subscribers should be able to see it. So I linked my private Soundcloud track with my Mailchimp campaign mail and hope Mailchimp worked reliably…

If you feel like my new stereo song which has lasted 8 hrs to make and in which I reflect on myself, you just need to subscribe. As soon as I see new subscriptions, I make a segment out of them and send them my mail again so they can also relax for over 5 mins with my stereo song. I want to reward every subscriber although they only have to give away any even pseudonymic first name and their E-Mail address, but still. It´s good to know to have friends out there, and I MEANT it when I said: „Join me for EXCLUSIVE content“

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