My pride

I´m proud and humble at the same time. It makes me proud to have followers of my blog, which is not self-evident. It makes me proud I got to know so many talented colleagues who earnestly took the time to visit my blog and take notice of my opinion.

I am humble. Knowing one day ago I didn´t even know how stereo mastering worked. Knowing I still have to use a loud metronome for my takes because I tend not to be tight. Knowing my music videos are rather slideshows. Knowing 90% of my songs I wrote so fast I don´t even know them by heart. Knowing I have blank spots in my vita. Knowing I´m by far not as handsome as a profile pic may look.

But I strive for pride in humility. Only that way Jesus will furtherly give me song ideas into my brain, only that way I avoid getting egocentric to the maximum which would damage all new song concept, video concept and promotional ideas that I still occasionally have and that lead me onward.

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