Chloe Caroline: Indian Summer

The pics of the REAL Indian summer (which I never seen) were already pretty. But guess what was mainly pretty? Resolution in the blog this Sat.

Just kidding 😉 The main attraction was your voice, Chloe. Already the brick by brick way you´re building up your intro is profi, and there´s a very feelingfully distorted guitar. I say that seldom about distortions, cause they seem so simple, but so many mistakes you can make. Distortion level? Post amp? Treble? Bass? Any chords except 3 or 5, which would get kind of „smashed“? Any additional effects like the popular Compressor (that may compress amplitudes onto the same dB level, either to get great volume sways out, but mostly to amplify further). Well, I´m no tone engineer, so I stop my fairytales. But the unity of pictures, building up the song when beginning, the prettiest voice ever and the technical stuff make your release so unique. Love, Mister Tetzentheil

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