Garient – I used to buy you flowers album

Garient, you have a voice with a little wake-up-effect. Since your first lines, I was fully with you. Your music is romantic-without doubt. You have a phantasyful accompaniment. I couldn´t make out all the instruments. The compository style is rich of artpieces, I mean well used style means. I anytime would love to hear more from you, although I´m no woman 🙂 Why don´t you subscribe to my mailing list? But I don´t want to produce myself as any kind of big artist: only if you also care for songs in Latin and other crap. Anti-spam-promise!!!

Your Kings of Leon-Cover „Sex on Fire“ is multivoiced and therefore fattened. The piano sounds pretty. I personally am not familiar with Kings of Leon, but as you present them, they appear a band worth listening to.

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