Kyle Hilmoe: Soft Waves EP

Kyle, if I was the envious type of guy, I´d say: „Damn! I´m out on the prowl for fans of my music and instead there´s so many guys who are better than me and everytime I end up getting a fan myself!!“

But I rather feel the opposite: I feel like Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords, must feel: People like you come to me and even humbly offer their music for me to judge over even though they are so talented that they long since didn´t need to anymore and I am the one who writes the critics. Yeah, when I listen to your „Soft Waves EP“, I feel heavenly. Let me tell you: There´s nothing about your music you can better yet, but now you need to work on your advertising until even in Munich, Bavaria, the last eremite knows you!!! Thank you a lot for your talented voice and this wonderful musical gift!

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