When Thieves are About

When Thieves are About is like the songs I loved to listen to when driving, on my favorite Hamburg radio Station Delta Radio. I think those stuck up tacky swine already have perverted Delta Radio into a pure Mainstream station. But you, Thieves, are NOT Mainstream cause you´re way to creative for that (surprising song beginnings, surprising intermezzoes and harmonic endings). There´s just a problem about playing Punk: how to mix the voice compared to the backline.I still wonder and try to figure how Tim Armstrong from Rancid solved this problem, but maybe it´s because of his Ska style. You, I think, should mix the voice a tad louder (without harming your beautiful Pop punk/ hardcore style). Or go ska just to give it a try. But all in all, I was very pleased with what I heard from you on Spotify. Onward!

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