David Victor (BOSTYX)

He makes shaking Classic Rock, but he also is multi-talented and employs the organ, and, most important: He is a White RAPPER! The first song (Immigrant Song) I heard about him was not only very tight and dance – animating, but had clear rap Elements. I enjoyed listening very much, and I hope, BOSTYX featuring him are good just the same. I couldn´t find BOSTYX on Spotify, but I will have another try and look on You Tube.

Yes, I was successful at You Tube and now saw you, BOSTYX, in Action. You have a fine guitar solo at the end. The Drummer is an ex-Rugby player or security man, regarding his muscles. And he uses them properly to build a tight, though inventive rhythm. „Peace of Mind“ was greatly performed. I´m thankful there is still so good Classic Rock! Onward, guys!

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