200th Follower Rap

Being a child. Reading a book. Being not quite mild relating of a nuke. The mentioned consequences scared me to death like not even Satan with his slaughterfest like skinned people running around in despair and constating Frankfurt was no longer there. Violence and fornication on the streets since there would be no more police that you´d meet. Robbing your neighbor´s cellars as a rule since furious hunger makes you uncool as well as your baby being born with one eye but you realize you´ll anyhow die. The women have bald heads as well as the men while withstanding radiation as long as they can.

There´s way more details I could scare you with but I want to talk about politics. How come the rightists conquer the world and what you can do every boy and every girl. Let me introduce myself  I´m thirty eight but still have no clue when it comes to fate. It seems to me it´s a financial thing as suddenly everyone votes right wing. Maybe it´s true what Karl Marx said production gear is accumulated. Was it not Trump wouldn´t have had the chance to hypnotize all workers and gain them as fans. The same thing happens in Germany the rich CDU got a counterparty. Everywhere it is the foreigners who the blame is put on when nothing else works. Since the foreigners do have their own country the so called terrorists cancel their nuclear treaty. I can´t rap against the mightiest man on earth neither rap against the Pentagon. So I rather pray to Christ that hearts get mild and sanctified. A really deeply faithful man can cast out demons from Satan. Before we´re into politics we want to make sure Satan plays no tricks. Live a good life everyone and then you will be Jesus´son. It´s Him who gives you deep insights by His will war is nullified.

Remark: I did not intend to spread any special wisdom, like I was old or a politics expert, I just wrote what shot into my brain randomly.

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