Liam B. Smith

Liam Smith is as well the master of distorted guitar as well as clean romantic songs. His EP was very pleasant to my ears. I almost was tempted to compare him with famous former artists, but doing so is not my style. What you could better? No idea. To me, your work is done and you just should gather a such broad fanbase you´re in the papers soon and tour around the world. This is no sucking up, but it´s the sober reality. May God bless your music further!

You have a delightful bittersweet way to choose your lyrics and sing. And you´re so young: only 20! You have a wild artist´s life right in your future years. God bless you you´re so intelligent drinking tea mainly. Alcohol would kill your voice and your memory, as well as any drug I know. Here, I´m the exact opposite from you. I´ve had women in my bed suffering from all psychical diseases that you can imagine, and there is not a single drug I didn´t try in my life. So I´m no idol proper for you.But despite my admiration for your „Confessions“ EP and your studies as well as novel writing, I wanted to ask you technical stuff: What guitar effects are you putting on? What E- guitar and what amp do you use? Can it be there´s a little bit of vocoder mixed into your singing, despite delay?

Mainly, I want to thank you for your faithfulness, giving my homepage traffic again and again. And that´s why I chose to write a continuous blog about you. And I try to remember adding you to my „favorites“ list on Twitter. Usually, there are bands like „Rancid“ or „NOFX“. But you´re the first young, insecure artist who I´d treat with the same respect as Tim Armstrong (Rancid singer). So God be with you, Liam.

I´ve added you to my favorite bands´list and hope to get a Google Alert about you soon. I was very interested in your effects you put on the guitar and voice, and now my knowledge thirst is satisfied. You have effects about which I don´t even know the way they work, despite their producer. But Compressor, Chorus, Distortion, Delay and Tube Emulator I´m  informed about. It must be hard for you not to step on the wrong pedal during playing. And the most important trick I got from you concerning vocals: You don´t need to pervert them completely with a compressed Vocoder, like I have done. Soft distortion and soft Chorus are enough. On Audacity, I will now sing over my guitar amp and have my mike thus distorted just a bit, and then I´m simulating the Chorus myself making a second voice track which is 12 semitones higher… Thanks for your openness. Not every wizard shows you his tricks. But of course, you´re way more than a simple wizard… Have a good morning 🙂

Today, I ´ve been listening to your Sound Cloud account, and got to know a friend of yours who you reposted. „Groove Jail“ by „Cast another Stone“ are real jazzy. It is always good for a rocker to have jazzy Idols. Our Rock Music stems from blues and jazz. Not only the cradle of mankind was in Africa, but also the cradle of sound. In your second song, you play hardcore and use a lot of effects. It would be great wake up music for me, but „No Mans War“ rather has the characteristics of a masterpiece. I already listened to it earlier, but it´s still a wild experience. Your cover „Still haven´t found what I´m looking for“ unveils your true voice, and this voice is ingenious. Without chorus and distortion… I gave you some likes and reposted „No Man´s War“, because this song deserves that. Have a good noon, Liam.

Now, I finally got to your You Tube channel and subscribed to it. There are some cool live bedroom videos there, one even during your first cup of coffee of the day. I admire people who already function DURING that cup. I myself need first a cup, then to snort my heroine substitute and after that taking an energy drink until I function. If I ever became a father, I´d love to have a son like you. You know you can comment on my blog anytime? I know I´d be a sorry excuse of a father due to my addictions. But I just think you ROCK. Anywhere you go. And this is why I´m making a big exception, keeping on commenting you either until I´m in hospital or you decide you don´t want it anymore. Your voice has a pretty broad span and there´s much power behind it. I tried to look on your fretboard but it didn´t show completely. But it seems to me your chords are simpler than your beating technique. You should have a real good time now, after your „Confessions“ LP. But as we artists are, we cannot stop. I´m currently working on a BIG song, mixing classic music with rock. This is my second day on it, and there will sure be two more days until I´m satisfied with it. Made a jump on Tune Core now and release a single in April. It´s called „Dear Metronome“ in which I´m mainly ranting at the music industry. Let´s see what happens. Good Night for today 🙂

Liam, it´s a shame I have so much time let pass without ever blogging about your new stuff. By now, you have a second YT channel and I subscribed. -then you made a boat video together with a woman, but I don´t recognize you on this movie. Then I heard your piece had the honor being played at a big concert, and now also you´re selling your music. Even this may be „fake news“ because I didn´t pay enough attention, everything looks like a progress. You see, I´m late, but finally my promise came true I´d blog constantly about you. 🙂

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