New Soul Authority

New Soul Authority „The Right Thing“ was what I listened to. It´s chilly couch music for floating and downstreaming. But in the same instant, hard to play. The bassline was complicated, the organ was complicated, I even wondered it was a 4/4 measure. So: you are a group of very scholarly musicians, I mean proficient in your crafting. Congratulations!

„Shine“ is a very psychedelic song with exceptionally good bass. The voice is high, sustained, the lyrics are repetitive, so you wish you´d lie in a park with a spliff in your hand and just dream and get tanned. I think there are additions that can be made (for instance, a second voice on „Shine, shine“) but Need not. I treasure this song in my heart.

„Pink Funk“ and „Watching Me“ were my favorites out of the list you gave me. What impresses me that you can be melancholic and speeding up, depending on your actual song. You´re very good in song crafting, since all Funk-related things require absolute tightness and non-barre chords on the guitar, on the keyboard it´s the same. You need to play a three tone chord with all of its 12 additives (I mean semitones). And you need full governing over pentatonic scales. Also, your voice is very colorful and mixed like from a painter´s mixing pots. You´re  semi-visual artists in the whole. I hope you got what I meant by that. I have deep respect. You´re really an authority, your name is not wrong.

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