„Stigmatized“ was what I listened to. First, I was in doubt about the quality of the voice (right in the beginning), but then it bettered and bettered. And it´s cool you have two men on the mic. Then, the end (shortly before the solo) was so beautiful I almost started weeping. Yes, I am convinced of you and a fan of yours. Actually, I could have written this in German, but I want the world to read that. By the way: The singer has a very good „th“ for a German 🙂

„Different Terms“ was covering a very serious and sad topic. I´m still not over the parting of R.E.M. in 2011, so I´m concerned hearing those lyrics. In my whole heart I can only wish you standing together until the end. Comes anyway by someone having a tragic happening, but I don´t wish you that. I now listened to more vids of yours and , yes, I do not only claim to be a fan, I AM one. Please let me know via Twitter when you´re at Hamburg or Scheeßel the next time and please reserve tickets for me. You´re like a perfectly crafted clockwork by now, and such should be your actions. You have the melody in you. As Peter Tosh (Reggae singer) once claimed. Thank you for reading all this stuff.

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