Trump´s psychoanalysis

Trump started out feeling foreign – since his granddad came over from Germany. A feeling of alienation and depreciation of value. Since, his bonds to his family ruptured in the moment when he would start getting an etrepreneur.

He was soon lucky in his business, and in this moment he got defined. He defined himself over money and early recognized that money is might. So he defined himself over might. That means his ego came into being. And it got worsened by his bad manners which allowed him to immediately get contact to pretty women, and he succeeded finally when they found out he had money.

So, he had all of worldly things Satan has to offer in the here and now. And he behaved like an ancient tribe: he built the Tower of Bable. By cheating around a lot with law, he was able to make it the biggest Tower of the whole subdivision.

His second Tower of Bable was the book he had a ghostwriter write in his name: „The Art of the Deal“. Since it got a bestseller, he had not only a big ego anymore: it was the pathological status of megalomany.

And in this state we found him running for president. One of his true talents was his quick-wittedness. And he used his money and his quick-wittedness both for his campaign.

But now the question arises why he enjoyed insults and mud wrestling so much. Here, Sigmund Freud presents us the answer: he is anally fixated. The anal phase in childhood takes place when the child is 3 and learns to control his excrements. And just like controlling his excrements, it wants to control his parents and his environment and gets real bad tempered when it finds out it can´t. And exactly this bad temper rode Trump whenever he had a competitor: he would vulgarly insult these, like poor Hillary Clinton to who he said: „If you can´t even satisfy your man, how do you want to satisfy our country´s needs?“ And the insults never stopped up to today. Which is surprising at first, but an anal Fixation makes you want to rule the world, actually rule the universe.

No wonder he has never apologized to anyone, no wonder he has, as we know through the Stephen Colbert Show, never asked God for forgiveness. And no wonder, he now wages war on almost every non-allied country: he is an: Anal Megalomaniac. Thank you for reading.

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